Thursday, 31 May 2012


There are many people out there, myself included, who wish that more stage musicals were adapted into film versions. Not in the way that 'Nine' was, which was nothing short of an abomination, but something more along the lines of the classics of the genre and even more modern pieces which are true to the original stage show whilst being filmic in their own way. There are so many that have graced the stages of the world over the years that have yet to find a celluloid life; 'La Cage Aux Folles', 'City Of Angels' (which is, supposedly, in development), 'Spring Awakening' (another stuck in development) and the list goes on.

Now one that I would dearly love to see on film is 'Sunset Boulevard' which, onstage, was written by Andrew Lloyd Webber, Christopher Hampton and Don Black. It boasts a great score and contains some great roles that would challenge an actor.
Since Paramount own the original film on which the show is based they no doubt retain the rights for a film version yet have made no inclination to go forward with any adaptation of the stage show. A shame because, if done well with a good director, the film could be a wonder.

Of course 'Susnet' boast one of the greatest roles for a leading woman; that of 'Norma Desmond'. Patti LuPone originated the role in London whilst Glenn Close premiered the show in America and won the Tony award for her performance (I shan't go into the backstage drama that followed since LuPone was originally to have played in America as well). Naturally it would seem that Glenn Close, being a film as well as stage star, would be the first choice for any film adaptation, though no doubt several other stars would vie for the part; Barbra Streisand, perhaps? Maybe even Bette Midler. But the one that Lloyd Webber has publicly stated he'd like to see is Madonna.
Yes, that's right; Madonna. Now, while I thought Madonna really excelled in 'Evita', which was basically all sung, I'm sure I'm not the only one who believes that Madonna is just not capable of tackling any great role that contains a lot of actual dialogue, as 'Sunset' does.

So I make the case that they should instead cast a great actress who can sing, rather than a 'name' just to sell the film (were it ever made of course). There have been quite a few over the years since the show's premiere in 1993; Petula Clark, Elaine Paige, Diahann Carroll to name a few. But the one that stands out for me is Betty Buckley who replaced LuPone in London and Close on Broadway. She is one of the premiere interpreters of song and is a Tony winner herself. She is also a solid actress. Check her out on youtube if you don't believe me.

And so it is Betty Buckley, whose onstage performance in the role drew wonderful reviews , that I, and many others, would wish to see in a film version of 'Sunset Boulevard' in the great role of 'Norma Desmond'.

To that end there is a quiet twitter campaign that is beginning to rumble away to ensure that those in the know and those in power are aware of the desires of those that matter; musical fans. The hash tag #BuckleyForBoulevard is the one to use if you agree that Hollywood should pay more attention to those who could actually do a musical role justice.

So if you're a fan of musical theatre and want a decent film with a decent actress you know what to do: #BuckleyForBoulevard
Pass it on.


Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Just a quick message to say to the loyal few (or one) that I am not dead.
The reason I've not posted anything of late is that I've been experiencing some medical issues. I'm also frightfully lazy which is also a bit of a hindrance.

There are things I've seen and/or read that I could have blogged about and at some point they may appear on this blog but, for now, bear with me.

Be well and happy!